Welcome to Odyssey Star

We’ve just relaunched our website, as well as our branding–heck, transitions can be hard especially if the timeline is way ahead of schedule. The launch of this new website was catapulted forward by about sixty days due to a recent television appearance I had on my dear friend Claire Billingsley’s show, Coffee with Claire on WBTVN! I jumped in and bam! Here we are. Check back in the coming weeks and months as we are evolving!

I’ve been in the business of production, publishing, and promotion for over two decades and am pleased as punch (wait a minute–I think my Grandma used to say that. Sheesh!)…Anyways, I’m excited to be introducing to the world  my “pet” project which is designed, well frankly, to change the world. Ummm, let’s just call it like it is–launching a production, publishing and promotion empire.

If you have a passion for having your message, product and/or service amplified to a broader consumer base, I would love to chat with you.

It’s about time you made your move.

It’s time to shine.



Phone: 310-734-8356


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